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Prevent Sink and Tub Clogs to Avoid Costly Plumbing Bills

Say goodbye to clogged drains, lost valuables and costly plumbing repairs. Prevent it all with Drain Buddy's 2-in-1, no-installation sink and bathtub stopper and strainer.

The Basket Does All The Work

It Catches It All

Clog Free. Worry Free

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Drain Strain - As Seen on Shark Tank!

In 2015, Naushad Ali, Founder and CEO of Drain Strain, went on ABC's hit television show, Shark Tank and presented his invention, The Drain Strain®.

Hassle-Free Drain Protection for Your Entire Home

Tired of never-ending sink and tub clogs that lead to inconvenient and costly plumbing repairs? Put an end to these nuisances with Drain Buddy, the no-installation stopper and strainer that not only safeguards your plumbing but enhances the functionality of your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

When you add a Drain Buddy to your kitchen and bathroom drains, your home transforms for the better. Here's what to expect when you invest in a Drain Buddy:

No Clogs or Plumbing Bills

Avoid expensive plumbing costs by keeping drains clear of debris.

Effortlessly Maintained Sinks

& Tubs

Keep your kitchen and bathrooms hygienic and mold-free.

2-In-1 Strainer & Stopper

Get a combined strainer and stopper at a lower price.

No Installation Required

Save time with a hassle-free and tool-free setup.

Get Drain Buddy for Both Your Sinks and Bathtubs

Ensure comprehensive drain protection for your sinks and bathtubs with Drain Buddy's two specialized solutions.

With Drain Buddy in place, you can keep your valuables, contact lenses and other items within reach, prevent debris build-up and steer clear of costly plumbing repairs. Invest in the peace of mind for your entire home today with both the Ultra-Flo Sink and Bathtub Drain Buddy products:

Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo for Sinks

Fed up with water in your bathroom sink draining at a snail’s pace? Put an end to this annoyance with Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo for sinks. This versatile 2-in-1 solution serves as both a bathroom sink drain stopper and a hair catcher, all without the need for any tools or installation.

Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo for Bathtubs

Tired of standing in ankle-deep water during showers? Make clogged drains a thing of the past with Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo for bathtubs. This 2-in-1 solution functions as both a bathtub drain stopper and a hair catcher, with no installation required.

Why You Need Drain Strain Products

The 2-in-1 drain stopper and hair catcher you never knew you needed. Start preventing clogs and saving on your plumbing bills today!

Easy to Install

We specifically created our Drain Strain and Drain Buddy products to be compatible with most household sinks and bathtubs, as well as a breeze to install.

Smart Investment

Our economical drain clog-preventing solution will save you hundreds of dollars on plumbing services and eliminate the need for toxic drain cleaners.

Save Time

Never spend time cleaning the nasty gunk that clogs your bathroom or kitchen drains again. Simply empty or change the basket in a matter of seconds!

Drain Buddy Doesn’t Require Any Installation — Here’s How It Works

1. Remove Current Stopper

Swap out your sink and/or tub stopper to clear the way for your new Drain Buddy.

2. Insert Drain Buddy

Place Drain Buddy into your sink/tub’s drain and you’re done — it's as simple as that!

3. Enjoy Clog-Free Drains

Experience hassle-free, clog-free drains and avoid expensive plumbing bills.

What Sets Drain Buddy Apart From Other Strainers and Stoppers?

Without Drain Buddy, you risk dealing with persistent sink and bathtub clogs that can lead to inconvenient blockages, costly plumbing repairs and the frustration of watching your valuables, such as jewelry and contact lenses, vanish down the drain.

Don't wait for these plumbing woes to disrupt your daily routine; invest in Drain Buddy today for a cost-effective and worry-free plumbing solution that other stoppers and strainers don’t provide.

Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo

  • Dual Functionality: Works as a stopper and hair catcher in one.

  • No Installation: Setup is tool- and hassle-free.

  • Prevents Valuables Loss: Safeguards jewelry, contacts and more.

  • Effortless Cleaning: Easy to maintain.

  • Versatile Fit: Fits all standard drains.

  • Prevents Costly Repairs: Helps you avoid plumbing expenses.

  • Aesthetic Design: Complements your existing decor.

Other Strainers and Stoppers

  • Limited Functionality: Not a 2-in-1 solution.

  • Installation Hassle: May require complicated setup.

  • Valuables at Risk: Risk of loss of your things.

  • Difficult Cleaning: Not as easy to maintain.

  • Limited Compatibility: May not fit all standard drains.

  • Won’t Prevent Costly Repairs: May lead to expensive plumbing costs.

  • Visually Disruptive: May clash with your existing decor.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Drain Buddy

  • “This product saved me a lot of hassle and I avoided having to call a plumber to replace the stopper and rod in my bathroom sink, which had corroded. I've been using Drain Buddy for about a year now. Overall, it works well and saved me money on a plumbing repair.”

    — Pat M.

  • “Our bathroom sink was missing the drain stopper. So we were stuck with that dark, scary black hole at the bottom of the sink, constantly terrified of losing earrings or rings or other whatnots if you couldn’t catch it quick enough. The Drain Buddy looks good, comes out easily to clean, and saves my precious earrings and rings from that ominous black hole.”

    — Ingrid C.

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Break Free from Drain Problems with Drain Buddy

No more costly plumbing bills and never-ending clogs. Get Drain Buddy for your sinks and tubs to enjoy clear drains and peace of mind you can count on.