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My wife and daughter have long hair and ended up clogging our bathroom sinks. I am plumbing challenged, so I had to hire a plumber to unclog it. After paying him $151, my wife asked what we could do to prevent the clogs from happening again. I thought for a second and said, “I don’t know.”

I searched everywhere to find a solution. Everything I found required the removal of the stopper to replace with a basket so the stopper functionality was gone, or my wife wouldn’t let me put those solutions in our sinks. So I thought to myself “THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

And so began the quest to create the iPod of Drain Stoppers. I believe the iPod is one of the most disruptive technologies ever. Not only did it change the way we listen to music, it disrupted the ENTIRE music industry; the way music is distributed, the way its downloaded, and how musicians go to market.

The reason the iPod was so disruptive? It’s Simple. One button. Anyone can figure it out.

In designing Drain Strain®, we looked at EVERY component of the design, from how it looks, to how it functions and how it operates. We believe we have delivered on the vision. It’s simple. Two buttons :). Anyone can figure it out. Simply Turn, Lift and Click. You’re done!

We believe that Drain Strain® (and now Drain Buddy) has the potential to disrupt the plumbing industry. We imagine a world where Drain Strain® products are in every sink; In that world, environmentally harmful drain cleaners don’t exist; In that world, expensive service calls to clean drains don’t exist; And in that world, homeowners wasting time struggling with p-traps and hair fishing with hangers don’t exist.

In that world, Drain Strain® is the standard in every sink. We are working diligently to make that world a reality. Please support us in our quest.

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