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Will Drain Buddy™ Ultra Flo work in my sink?

Drain Buddy™ Ultra Flo Sink Stopper & Hair Catcher is designed to work in standard 1.25” sink drains, which are in the majority of the homes today. It will not work with "push/push" drain stopper systems.

What if the basket gets stuck in the drain?

To prevent this, never push the Drain Buddy basket into the drain without the basket on.

How do I remove the stem from the basket for easy cleaning?

Simply hold the top of the stem, twist counterclockwise, and lift stem out of the basket.

Can I clean and reuse my Drain Buddy Sink basket?

Yes! You can certainly clean out the basket and reuse it or “never touch the gunk” by recycling it and replacing it.

How often do I have to replace my basket?

Replacement frequency will vary depending on the user. We anticipate the heaviest of users will clean out or replace baskets once a month and in low use sinks it could be as infrequent as once a year. On average you should clean or replace your baskets every 6-10 weeks.

Are Drain Buddy baskets recyclable?


What colors are available and will they match my faucet?

Currently the Drain Buddy cap is available in 3 colors: Chrome, Brushed/Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. We will be using the most common finish in Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze so it will look close to what you have in your sink currently.

Do the Drain Buddy colors on the website accurately reflect the final product?

The chrome plated Drain Buddy will be very close to what is depicted. The brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze may vary slightly once we have the final product plating formula in place.

Do you have Drain Buddy for bathtubs?

Yes, we have Drain Buddy ULTRA FLO for tubs as well as our newer Drain Buddy tub hair catcher and drain stopper.