What is the Drain Strain® and will it work in my sink?

The Drain Strain® a clog-preventing drain stopper designed to fit perfectly into your bathroom sink. It is tested to fit in more than 90% of homes today and works as a replacement stopper for lever-actuated drain stoppers. The Drain Strain® does not currently work as a replacement for “push-push” drain stoppers.

Is the Drain Strain® easy to install?

Yes! Simply remove your current drain stopper and install the Drain Strain® like you would any other drain stopper. Just make sure to set the height of the basket so that the top of the basket sits just below the drain. For detailed instructions, follow the button below - Learn More

Can I clean and reuse my basket?

Yes! You can either clean out the basket and reuse it, or you can avoid touching any hairy gunk by recycling it and replacing it. It's easy!

How often do I have to replace my basket?

You will want to replace your basket every 8-10 weeks, or possibly less depending on the amount of hair and gunk in the basket upon checking. Get your very own Drain Strain today! Learn More

Is the Drain Strain® available in any retailers?

Yes it is! We currently sell the Drain Strain in 1200 Home Depot stores. Check to see if Drain Strain is at a Home Depot near you below - Shop Now

What colors are currently available?

We currently have 3 colors available for our Original and Metal Deluxe Drain Strains: Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Check out the options below - Shop Now