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Want to learn more about Drain Buddy and Drain Strain? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about our sink and bathtub drain stoppers and hair catchers.

Will Drain Strain® work in my sink?

Drain Strain® is designed to be a universal replacement stopper for lever actuated drain stoppers and tested to fit in over 90% of the drains in households today. Drain Strain® does not currently work as a replacement for “push-push” drain stoppers.

Is Drain Strain easy to install in my sink?

Yes! Simply remove your current drain stopper and install the Drain Strain® Never-Clog Stopper like you would any other drain stopper. Just make sure to set the height of the basket so that the top of the basket sits below the drain. (We also now sell our no-installation Drain Buddy sink stopper.)

Can I clean and reuse my Drain Strain basket?

Yes! You can certainly clean out the basket and reuse it or “never touch the gunk” by recycling it and replacing it.

How often do I have to replace my basket?

Replacement frequency will vary depending on the user. We anticipate the heaviest of users will clean out or replace baskets once a month and in low use sinks it could be as infrequent as once a year. On average you should clean or replace your baskets every 6-10 weeks.

Are Drain Strain baskets recyclable?


Is Drain Strain® available in stores?

Drain Strain is currently available in stores like Home Depot. We've also introduced our Drain Buddy line of products, available through our website.

What colors are available and will they match my faucet?

Currently the Drain Strain cap is available in 3 colors: Chrome, Brushed/Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. We will be using the most common finish in Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze so it will look close to what you have in your sink currently. We cannot guarantee an exact match due to the variety of different faucets in the market today but Drain Strain® is by far the most attractive and easiest clog prevention solution ever created!

Do the Drain Strain colors on the website accurately reflect the final product?

The chrome plated Drain Strain will be very close to what is depicted. The brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze may vary slightly once we have the final product plating formula in place.

Will Drain Strain® eventually be included with brand name faucets?

Yes! We are currently in discussions with major faucet manufacturers that would like to include the Drain Strain® technology with their faucets as a value add for their customers. Sign up for our email updates list and we will notify you when you can buy faucets with Drain Strain® included.

Do you have Drain Strain® for bathtubs?

Yes, we have Drain Strain for tubs as well as our newer Drain Buddy tub hair catcher and drain stopper.

What if Drain Strain doesn’t fit in my sink?

We have done everything we can in the design process to avoid this from happening. In the unlikely event that it does not work for you, you can contact us and we can send you a drain pipe that will work with the basket (chrome only), and you can replace the tailpipe or you can simply ship it back to us (returns address will be included in your packing slip) for a full refund of purchase price. No questions asked.

How do I become a retail or licensing partner?

Send all partnership inquiries to partners@drainstrain.com

Why is the Drain Strain® top bigger than a standard stopper top?

Drain Strain is designed to be more ornate than a regular stopper. Trust us, when you install it, it will look nicer than what you have today! It is also designed so the gunk inside the drain isn’t visible and you are instead viewing an ornately plated top instead. And, as importantly, the larger top prevents objects from falling into the drain such as caps, toys and jewelry!

How do I install Drain Strain®?

We have several videos about how to install Drain Strain as well as Drain Buddy product instructions. But it is simple to do. Simply remove your existing drain stopper by unclipping the rod below your sink and loosening the connector. That will allow you to remove the existing stopper. Then simply drop the Drain Strain® in to the top of your drain and the rod will connect into one of the 5 holes. Tighten the connector and put the clip back on and drain clogs will be a permanent thing of the past for you!

Can you still fill your sink with Drain Strain®?

Yes! That is the beauty of Drain Strain®. It looks better and you lose none of the functionality of your current stopper!