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In 2015, Naushad Ali, Founder and CEO of Drain Strain, went on ABC's hit television show, Shark Tank and presented his invention, The Drain Strain®. 


Naushad Ali Founder and CEO of Drain Strain on Shark Tank


The episode featuring Drain Strain aired on February 3, 2015, on Season 6 Episode 17

What Happened in the Tank?

On the show, Naushad accepted a deal from Robert Herjavec, who joined our Drain Strain team. Kevin Harrington also joined shortly thereafter. 

Naushad Ali Accepting a deal from Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank for Drain Strain.

After the Show

Following the show, months of testing, design iteration and lots persistence, the goal of delivering the Ultimate Drain Clog Solution was realized! 

Drain Strain® is currently available to purchase right off our website, at Home Depot and Ace Hardware locations, as well as on Amazon.com. We have also partnered with multiple hotel chains, including Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, and La Quinta, among others. 

Naushad Ali and Robert Herjavec Holding a Drain Strain in a Store.

Introducing Drain Buddy!

We have also launched our newest addition to the Drain Strain® family, the Drain Buddy!

Our Drain Buddy Ultra Flo collection features 2-in-1 drain stoppers and hair catchers for the sink or tub, with no installation required.

We're Only Getting Started

It's now been over 8 years since our Shark Tank appearance, and our journey has just begun. We're excited to share our progress as we evolve into the leading drain-clog solution in the market.

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