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Please watch full installation video at DrainStrain.com/install

Important Instructions –

  • Please keep entire assembly together when installing.
  • Ensure top of the basket fins are even with the top of the drain ring to ensure proper water flow.
  • If water drains slowly after install, please reinstall one hole lower on stem. Adjust lever behind the faucet to even basket fins with drain ring.
  • To fill sink with water, pull GENTLY up on the lever until you feel resistance, then turn faucet on.

  1. Unscrew the nut located underneath your sink and pull out the rod. Allow the rod to remain outside the drain.
  2. Remove your old drain stopper from the sink and clean out any hair in the drain.
  3. Hold the Drain Strain® above your sink. Ensure the solid side of the holes in the stem of the Drain Strain® face towards the back of the sink.
  4. Gently push the entire Drain Strain® assembly, with the cap still on, down in the drain until the fins at the top of the basket are even with the top of the drain ring.
  5. Reach down and insert the rod below the sink back into the closest hole. Tighten the nut below your sink back into place securely.
  6. Make sure the fins at the top of basket are aligned with the top of the drain ring. If not, simply pull up or down on the lever behind your faucet to adjust until the basket fins are even with the drain ring.

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