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Drain Buddy Replacement Baskets

We recommend replacing your Drain Buddy Basket every 6 – 10 weeks. Stay prepared by stocking up on our 6- Pack Replacement Baskets!

About Drain Buddy Replacement Baskets

Our replacement baskets ensure you never run out of recyclable baskets for your Drain Buddy Sink Stopper and Strainer

  • Clog Prevention - Drain Buddy replacement baskets utilize Pull Clean Technology to prevent messy clogs by catching hair and foreign objects, saving you from expensive plumber bills.
  • Easy Cleaning - Effortlessly clean your sink trap with the Drain Buddy’s detachable basket design and built-in cleaning rod.
  • No More Gunk - With Drain Buddy Replacement Baskets, you can avoid touching grimy drain baskets altogether. Simply remove the Drain Buddy Ultra-Flo, press the two recessed buttons on the cap to detach the recyclable basket and replace it, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free experience.

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